7 reasons to choose us

1. We love what we do

We are professionals who enjoy their jobs and share the same passion for technology and computing. Our work enable us to express creatively, learn and evolve. We deal every project assigned to us as a new challenge and we implement it with zest and enthusiasm and with excellence and enjoyment by all as a goal.

2. We listen to you and offer you complete solutions

We listen to your needs carefully to understand what is best for your site and your business. The solutions we offer cover all stages of a project. Our professional team takes a coordinated analysis, design, programming and whatever other action is necessary to ensure your projects will be enjoyable while viewing and using.

3. We offer unbeatable prices

Our pricing policy is tailored to current market data and summarized in the phrase “Value for Money”. We strive to offer services that balance between lowest possible cost, high quality and maximum performance for each of our client.

4. We have many years' experience

The people who make up the team of Rightclick are active in the market and the internet for many years and have under their belt a sum of rich and varied work. The experience we have gained is transmitted to each new project we create and allows us to offer innovative and competitive services.

5. We use open-source applications

The applications used to build websites, software and / or programs are all open source. They do not belong to any company. They have created by a large community of developers which constantly verifies their effectiveness and development.

6. We are members of a larger community

Rightclick is one of the few companies that supports and promotes the philosophy of teamwork, exchange of information, knowledge and mutual support. We are members of a larger community, we follow the developments and we attend to feedback the online community.

7. We are here to stay

At Rightclick we have traversed a long and successful career in programming and want to continue like this. The relationships we build with our customers are relationships of trust and duration based on reliability, immediacy and honesty. We are here to make you happy.


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