Dynamic websites (CMS)

Dynamic websites are the most popular type of modern websites. Their main feature is the ability they give their “owner” to handle the content. Which practically means that through a content management system, CMS) you have access to your website's content and you can enrich and alter as you wish, keeping it always fresh and updated. Below you can read the benefits of a dynamic website.

Manage your webpage's content

You can enrich a dynamic webpage uploading new articles, images,multimedia files post your news as frequent as you wish. The webpage management is done through a easy and friendly management system which does not require any programming knowledge. Also, the webpage management is done over the internet and not locally which means you can have access from any computer and mainly without the need to install any software.

Add users – Interact with your visitors

A dynamic webpage gives you the ability to add whenever you want additional administrators, by creating new user accounts and defining their rights and privileges for each one. At the same time you can give your visitors the ability to make comments, giving their opinion or even vote in polls you are interested. That way you may, to the point you wish, have a more interactive webpage .

Communicate efficiently via your webpage

Through a dynamic webpage you can send mass e-mail (newsletters) to registered visitors in order to keep them informed about various news and developments relating to you or use other communication and advertising tools such as RSS feed, etc. In parallel you are offered the possibility to measure and analyze the traffic of your website. Information like the exact number of your visitors, how they found out about you along with the most popular areas of your website allow you to configure the policy of your company having a invaluable direct contact with your audience.

The management system enables you to move with flexibility turning your website into various other types of websites. As an illustration embedding additional features you can make your website working as blog, forum, e-shop, wiki etc, without having to worry about the difficulties that may encounter as you may refer at anytime to online help system and give a solution to any of your problem.


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