Emporiki Bank Real Estate

Emporiki Bank Real Estate primarily engaged in the valuation and management of properties entrusted RightClick to create the appropriate software in order to streamline the organization, for cataloging and management of all properties that possess.

Emporiki Bank Real Estate is a company that provides integrated products and services in real estate, both in private and public sector. Primarily engaged in real estate development and management, studies and advisory services. In an effort to streamline and modernize the organization, cataloging and management of all properties that possess has looked for the development and acquisition of a software .

The solution that Rightclick gave Emporiki Bank Real Estate. Having discussed with people of Emporiki Bank Real Estate and having understood the needs of the company, Rightclick designed and implemented a software that gives multitude of features and functions:

  • online software availability from any location
  • data entry and data storage
  • simultaneous use of software by different users
  • tabular view with information about each property
  • organization and grouping of information
  • logs of user actions history and backup
  • statistical reports and ability to export to excel files
  • access only by accredited users with a personal security code
  • categorize users into groups with different privileges
  • adaptation of the interface per user group

The result - The task today

All these functions of the software enabled Emporiki Bank Real Estate to organize quickly and in the best possible way it's registry and to manage all the new information with ease and ergonomic convenience. The company was extremely pleased with the work handed by us and asked us to further develop the software. This project is a sign of efficiency and professionalism that characterizes all our activities and still continue it's development with great zeal and enthusiasm.


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