Webpage development stages

The path we are following for the construction of a website

We want everything that we create to be extraordinary. Building a website is a vibrant and dynamic process that opens new perspectives to us every time. We avoid the pre-packaged solutions and follow every time a specific process that has led to success in creating beautiful and functional site.

1. First acquaintance, briefing

Our collaboration begins with a first meeting that aims to meet and learn your needs. We will make questions to you to find out about the type and profile of your company or organization, the reasons you want to have website, the expectations you have of it, the aesthetic or technical preferences

2. Investigation competition

At this stage we do a market research by collecting information on the sector in which your company operates as well as competitor's presence and behavior in this area of the Internet. We leverage your initial briefing, form a mode of action, choose the necessary resources and tools, and finally we create possible scenarios for implementing the project.

3. Presentation of our offer

Thereafter We prepare the best suited offer for you providing you also a first assessment of the technologies you need to use, the time needed to complete the project and the cost of execution. We present the offer in detail in the context of a new appointment.

4. Development and construction

Once you accept the terms of our offer and we will be assigned the creation of your website we are starting a series of procedures:

  • we are registering a domain name through backend.gr (domain name registration)
  • we suggest the appropriate hosting package for your website
  • we design your website (web design)
  • plan and develop your website(web development)
  • we enter the data and content
  • we are making the final configuration

You have the ability to track the implementation and construction process in all stages through regular meetings and / or via the internet. Also you can intervene and make your own suggestions in functional, technical and aesthetic aspects

4. Website promotion

Μια ιστοσελίδα δεν αρκεί να είναι άρτια σχεδιασμένη αλλά πρέπει να εντοπίζεται και εύκολα για να μπορεί να ξεχωρίζει ανάμεσα στα εκατομμύρια των ιστοσελίδων που υπάρχουν. Για αυτό προβαίνουμε σε τεχνικές προώθησης Search Enfine Optimisation - SEO και ενσωματώνουμε στα κείμενα της ιστοσελίδας λέξεις-κλειδιά (keywords). Έτσι την καθιστούμε φιλική προς τις μηχανές αναζήτησης και αυξάνουμε σημαντικά τον αριθμό των επισκεπτών.
A website needs not only be well designed but should be easily identified and able to distinguish among the millions of websites that exist. That makes a technical promotion Search Enfine Optimisation - SEO necessary which is achieved by incorporating keywords in the content of the website. Thereby we make it friendly to the search engines what significantly increases the number of visitors.

5. Online advertisement

If you want to ensure high flow of users, increasing brand awareness and sales you then advertisement on the internet is essential. We can take care for you on a campaign tailored to the type and profile of your firm seeking appropriate sites and the most advantageous ways to achieve it.

The website is now yours

We show you how to manage your website with ease and how to use the specialized functions in the most efficient manner. If for any reason you need our help we are at your immediate response and providing you with substantial help


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