Veterinary School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

In 2008 Veterinary School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) asked us to create a software that was intended to cover the needs of the school and the two respective clinics. We responded enthusiastically to the call of the Veterinary School and undertake the project. After a year of intensive work we handed at Veterinary School a comprehensive, handy and flexible management system strong>.

What needs veterinary school wanted to be covered?

The veterinary school interested in having a software that enables doctors, students and secretaries to organize, co-manage and coordinate the various processes. More specifically needed: p>

  • a digital interface for easier and safer organization
  • a common interface for both clinics for the coordination and cooperation.
  • appointments for medical exams in electronic format for efficient data entry.
  • analysis of all the data and ability to export statistics reports (reports).
  • a management software that is diachronic, and can be used in long run.
  • categorization of users into groups with different privileges and rights of use

The solution given by Rightclick

Rightclick responded successfully to the challenges that has been set within the tight timeframe was given at the time by not only delivering the project as requested but giving and additional solutions and capabilities to create a web application as well. What are the advantages of a web application; p>

  • accessibility using only a single web browser
  • Avoiding installation of extra software on each device / computer
  • Compatibility with all operating systems (windows, linux, OSX, etc.).
  • enabling simultaneous use by all users