Office 25

Office 25 is a team of architects led by Thanasis Chrysomallis, Antonis Perpatidis and Manolis Vourakis. As of today the company has to its asset a number of architects and engineers and has three offices in Athens, Thessaloniki and Ierapetra. Since 2003, when Office 25 started operations has developed a successful approach to the market and enjoyed a remarkable progress in the design of buildings and spaces.

What needs Office 25 needed to cover?

As the needs and requirements of the company were growing, Office 25 needed an online software that would serve efficiently cooperation of members inside and outside the office, faster completion of work and effective monitoring of the progress of each project. For this reason Office 25 has turned to Rightclick and asked for the creation of a specialized software able to offer the following features:

  • access and use by any device connected to the internet
  • recording and storing the actions of each architect
  • enabling architects to work on the same project simultaneously
  • information and monitoring of the progress of each project
  • coordination of the three offices located in different cities
  • action logs retention and projects / studies archiving

Project delivery from Rightclick- Result

Rightclick responded successfully to the needs of Office 25, delivering a software that gave practical solutions to the team, allowing them to take off their ideas. Since then this great architectural team trusts us for any need on software, programming and internet issues.