Training services

The services we provide are not limited to designing a website. We are offering our clients specialized training to acquire the skills needed to make the most of their webpage. Based on this philosophy, we have designed courses that can assist not only novice but advanced users who are already familiar with website management too. Of course you can always count on that Rightclick will always be there for anything you might need after the end of your training.

We give you the knowledge you need

You have know us, you have trusted the creation of your internet site and your business is now online. Does it all ends here? Not before we make sure you have all the necessary knowledge to administer all functions of the website we built for you. Training is highly specialized to your own needs and the way your webpage is structured. We can help you to accomplish everyday tasks better and smarter, save time and effort.

We provide specialized training

At Rightclick we know and handle a number of programming languages including PHP, Java, Jquery, < strong>C# and use the appropriate platforms for the implementation of the projects we undertake. After countless creative hours working on the computer and after constructing plenty of websites and web applications we have the knowledge and experience and to communicate it to you. For this purpose we have designed courses exclusively for people who already have a background in programming and want to develop their knowledge and talent. The lessons can be individually or by the form of workshop in our facilities.