Application development - Custom development

For companies with highly specialized needs who find the capabilities of a typical webpage insufficient, custom development service is exactly what they need. An application is developed in a highly customized way according to company or organization area of expertize and is designed to cater exclusively the needs that are described to us by the customer.

Rightclick has developed such applications in the past and the reposnse was extremely successful. Besides the challenge set by a special and demanding project is great and the satisfaction we get by a successful completion is irreplaceable. Detailed information about the projects that we have completed as well as about those that are currently in progress can be found in our projects and clients page.

The application development procedure

The procedure that has been followed so far to implement application development and the only one we can suggest to interested parties for such applications is the following:

Initially a meeting takes place where we hear the needs you need to cover and the purpose you want to accomplish. After we process all possible solutions to create the appropriate application with, a new meeting is held where those suggestions are presented so you can select which you consider ideal. At then we begin the construction of the application taking into account at every stage of planning the fine details of the desired result. Through regular meetings we inform you about the progress and status of the project so you can give us any feedback and comments you may have.

By completion of construction of your application we deliver it to you and provide you the necessary know-how to gain familiarity and comfort in handling it. In any case, after the delivery of the application we are here to provide you with support and information about anything you might need. If you wish we can enrich the application with new features and capabilities while you already using it.

Our know-how and experience allows us to deliver to you a complete and fully functional project. Give us the opportunity to know you better and ask us to build an application adapted to meet your needs. We will make sure to contribute to the realization of your purpose handing you a complete and fully functional work.